Enabling the next-generation of Enterprise Resource Planning.

Bridging the gap between ERPs and the benefits of blockchain for greater profit and efficiency.

Savoir is Enterprise Resource Planning reimagined. Savoir’s adapter modules are being developed to complement existing ERPs and technology investment, in a seamless transition guided by our expert team. We will partner with enterprises to deliver previously untapped economic and productivity benefits.

Tangible benefits for the bottom line

  • Secure blockchain technology
  • Optimise financial returns
  • Remove traditional financial system barriers
  • Decrease expenses
  • Improve productivity and functionality
  • Eliminate major investment in systems, governance, and manpower
  • Unify ERP multiple organisations under one secure system

Based on next-gen foundations

Envision greater advancements from ERP through Web 3.0 and Solana Blockchain in a global first.

Savoir will integrate with ERPs to quickly, easily, and safely take full advantage of cutting-edge decentralising technologies, like blockchain and Web3.

This complete and highly collaborative ERP ecosystem aims to re-invent organisation models to promote cost-optimised lean processes and expand earning potential through new market channels.

In a global first, Savoir showcases modernised abilities in an Enterprise Resource Planning Protocol module backed by the Solana Blockchain technology.

Backed by professional experience and knowledge

A revolutionary initiative founded by experts to achieve greater efficiency in the enterprise space.

Savoir has been developed by professional business consultants with a total of 65 years’ experience in business applications, supply chains, sales, and finance platforms.

This collective knowledge and dedication addresses productivity gaps within the structures of current Blockchain ERPs, adding transparency alongside data structure to further enhance Blockchain ERP software.

By mapping out a set of modules to automate and drive new business processes further than ever before, Savoir unleashes a new level of productivity and standards.


Founding Partners



Chief Technical officer

Sam Thompson

Managing Director

Dev Jugnarain

Chief Operations Officer

Matthew Cage

Chief Marketing Officer

A complete solution

A comprehensive EPR Blockchain ecosystem combining the Savoir Enterprise Chain, and Savoir Swap.

  • Distributed Ledger
  • Lean Supply Chain
  • Sales and CRM
  • Finance Operation
  • Treasury Management
  • Human Resource Management
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The Roadmap


Phase 1 - Treasury Management
Q3 2023
Connecting your ERP with DeFi for better returns

Phase one of the Savoir Treasury Management adapter delivers treasury managers access to the Defi world through one easy to use platform integrating with existing systems and processes. We use your preferences and forecasts combined with market data to produce intelligent and customisable options for investment providing superior returns.


Phase 2 - Procure-to-Pay adapter

Seamlessly delivering supply chain efficiency, assurance and integration. 

Our procure to pay adapter addresses core limitations and efficiency issues of current ERPs by leveraging functionality previously unimagined powered by the Solana blockchain. This phase unifies the supply chain under one secure and fully featured platform accessed on the blockchain decentralised network. Our adapter will deliver revolutionary savings and confidence in the supply chain via this unique technology.

Phase 3 + Expanding our support for ERP modules 2025 and Beyond

Continuing to develop modules for ERPs solving current technology limits and delivering the benefits and functionality of blockchain technology. This phase will focus on continuing to complement the core functions of ERPs by expanding functionality and addressing new markets.